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Can we please start a separate forum for political threads? I thought the whole purpose of moderation was to make this a home inspection forum. People don’t visit this site to read about Kennedy and Obama…

I don’t know. “We are in the Miscellaneous Discussion” forum. Everyone says you can’t talk politics here and you can’t talk politics there. I think it important that inspectors (and all people everywhere) argue politics everywhere.

In the past I made the unpopular suggestion of having an option to ‘ignore thread’. I don’t know if it is possible, but I personally would like to be able to use it.

I think Politics is the last thing we as inspectors should ignore. If I had to list the top ten things that most affect home inspectors and our futures… #1 would be Politics.

The two biggest events in inspection industry history were the housing bubble and the housing burst. These were both the direct result of Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae backing loans made to those who clearly couldn’t afford it. This flooded the free market with buyers, and increased transactions, which in turn attracted people into the inspection profession by the hoards to keep up with the fake demand generated. Of course when reality caught up, the bubble burst and transactions came to a halt for a while to correct for this interference. This interference harmed consumers, property owners, lenders, borrowers, and inspectors and can be attributed almost solely to one elected official, Barney Frank.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Sallie Mae is for student loans.

And let’s not forget Chris Dodd.** ;-)*

I agree with you Nick, I just wish that some of the the people on here could learn a little respect for others. Cursing each other out on the boards IMHO shows the lower class, and should be dealt with. There are two in particular. As my grandfather used to say those that can discuss, those that can’t just cuss.

It’s OK for people to get heated up during political arguments. I think Americans in particular should become even more passionate about politics and more vocal. I agree with you though that there is a big difference between silly name calling and thoughtful point making.

Something like…

Not For Everyone (members-only)](http://www.nachi.org/forum/f46/) (4 Viewing)
This is a members-only forum that contains threads that are not for everyone. These may include messages with religious themes, political views, crude humor, or other content that some might find objectionable.

Now if all the politics could stay there…

ABC and NBC Refuse to Run Ad Critical of Obama Health Care

With Video

I don’t see how anyone can lump religion (a purely personal issue) with politics (the thing that affects all inspectors and their businesses the most). The are as far away from each other as 2 subjects can be.

Not-for-everyone forum is for religion and not-for-public jokes and stuff. Stuff that has nothing to do with the inspection industry like politics does.

I never discuss religion with anyone, anywhere (religion is a personal issue).
I’m willing to discuss politics with anyone, anywhere (politics affects everyone).

Agreed. However, political and religious opinions are becoming bitter feuds. But then again, it reminds me of the days of a good old fashion bru-ha-ha. :cool:

“Not for everyone” is for those members who don’t want buyers who google, say “home inspection” “33569”, to discover that they are anti-Christian, and hold wacko political views and are, thus, unemployable.

I agree. Those of us non-confrontational sorts with thin skin try hard not to be drawn into these circle jerks where keyboard supermen with small penises attempt to pistol-whip their non-ultraconservative enemies into submission…but it’s hard. I’m waiting for McKenna to propose to TREC that one must be a “skinhead” to be a home inspector in Texas.

I use to be confrontational (as many of us know) until my doctor said it might kill me. I’m now as mellow as a cat who just had a prime rib dinner. :cool:


Please try not to spew too much vomit while telling everyone
not to throw up in public. Too funny. :wink:

I promise to go easy when I pistol whip you. :slight_smile:

Too funny…:mrgreen:

This is very true, but wacko political views is subjective in this day and age. As long as we have the likes of former VP Chenney a free man in this country. I say water board them all.

Although a few may agree with the statement that politics and religion may come in effect in choosing a inspector I do not think it really matters because people of good sense will look at price and what they get for the inspection, May win some may loose some. Not to often people ask for a view on god or politics on a inspection . I been at inspections where people stood in a circle and prayed to god for a good home ,a few times.I have been Asked if i would join in I polity declined and waited to it was over I do respect it is their right in the beliefs they have . Did they call me again of course. did i get refered to others of course.
So most people that believe in freedom would not be close minded as some would have you believe , Some people how ever do not practice what they preach and think their arrogance will beat or scare people into silence. With that said i would be very careful posting slander on any Message board because after the legal case of the model being slandered on a web page may change how things are worded . People just may have to answer to what they post directly aimed at individuals . ( both sides of the fence are guilty of that) . Free speech yes free to say what you want not so much , Suing people seems to be a lucrative business, Why Look to see who makes the most from it ,