Poll: Are you a 1-man shop or multi-inspector firm?

I’m starting a book on home inspection and trying to develop an accurate overview of our industry. Thanks for participating in this poll!

1 man shop for now. I want to have my CMI and 3-5 years of experience with specific growth targets before I consider expanding.

I have an assistant that helps with clerical and inspections.

Kenton, we have 16 inspectors and 3 radon technicians in the field daily.

Do the report writing myself. Don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse (depends on varying factors),
my assistant of 11 years is also a friend & next door neighbor.
I keep encouraging him to get certified/licensed but not interested. Too bad he knows his stuff pretty well, extermely observant. He does not miss anything! Sometimes he doesn’t know what it is but he always catches it.

You’re making me squint again Marc! :lol: My assistant helps with the report in the sense of taking photos and adding captions during the inspection.

Just do what I do and scroll on bye. Nothing worth reading anyhow so why go through the trouble of getting glasses out or squinting. He has been told and does not give a rats a s s.

Dave is a friend of mine who has referred me inspections, just havin’ fun.
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When we meet huh?
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Kenton I apologize your thread was hijacked.
I was minding my own business & tried to respond to you.
We all know who started it… as usual.

Why do you ask?

He said he is writing a Book. Kenton is a good guy. All should help them if they can, I know I will.

I’m just starting out with a business partner, so we’re going to be multi-inspector from the beginning. It allows us to add diversity in ancillary quickly with each of us working on different certifications. Once we have added a reasonable number we will cross-train so that we are both certified in all of the services we offer.

Well I have a full time assistant, but I guess it is still a one man op.