Poll for Best Defect Picture Feburary

Voting for the Poll ends on Thursday, so place your votes.

And in between voting, submitt new Best Defect Pictures for the month of April here;



For those that have not voted, you have till tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Well, we have a winner.
He will be entered at the end of the year to compete with 11 others for Best Defect Picture Award.

And as he originally said;:slight_smile:

Picture was submitted by Roy Cooke

**Uh, Marcel… Pic #11 is the winner. You are showing pic #10. **

Thanks, Jeffrey. I thought that and then received some phone calls and never got back here. Marcel will straighten it out.

Thanks Jeff, miscounted when I went to the original postings.
I corrected it or edited, I should say the above post.

Again, thank you all for participating. Join us for the April Nominations here:

and here:


Well at least it was a water heater that won.

Thanks for the votes everyone. Mine was #10.