Poll: Inspection Software

Hi all,

I was just curious to hear what inspection software you currently use for your work. Right now I am using Spectacular Home Inspection System (cheesy name, I know, but it gets the job done!)

Try this

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I think what Steve is saying is that he uses a magnifying glass for his software…LOL… :rofl:…okay JK, my friend. But I did hear that he is a great inspector via a relative of one of his clients. :+1:

LoL, that question should only be allowed to be posted 2 times per year (once in January and once in June). The other 100 redundant posts per year (on this topic) should be automatically rejected.


Yeah, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with that anymore… :joy:

To answer the question firstly: HomeGauge

Secondly: Isn’t there a way to do an ACTUAL poll? I haven’t seen a true poll on internachi forum but I’ve seen other forums that do polls. It could be helpful to collect the data and create a sticky on the software section of forum.


When you select reply, hit the far right icon & then select Build Poll.

Hope you can make a good list for all. :cowboy_hat_face:

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My friend Ian Robertson has done the professional work for you.

It is 4.5 years old but it will give you a start:


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Thanks Marc, we tried to put together a comprehensive list. How are you by the way? We have to just call and talk sometime soon. After this year,I may leave NY and move to your neck of the woods :wink:

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Hurry up!
I HATED Albany & was thrilled to go.
Jared & I will be your inspectors.

Will do! We would just have to get beers afterward :slight_smile:

Hey Nathan, I was thinking about going with Spectacular. Are you considering switching from it? Do you have any feedback you can share on the video portion or on how well the reports are liked by your customers? Anything else concerning I should know?


Spectora. Not the cheapest, but it is also not just inspection reporting software - you get totally customizable reporting (web-based and PDF also available) along with scheduling, automated emailing, digital Agreements and signing, credit card payment processing (for a fair fee, of course, or integrate your existing credit card processor if supported), and optional integrations with things like the NACHI BuyBack program, Secure24, and others. I will warn you up front - if you are starting from scratch with building your report templates, it will eat up some serious time invested up front, but it will pay dividends in the future for sure. There are some templates others have made available for free, and some for fee, but you will likely customize your templates to your liking anyway. Switching from some of the bigger software brands is also supported with template imports from what I understand (no personal experience with that as my former software was not supported for import).

Like I said at the beginning, it is not the cheapest. You do get a pretty good discount for an annual payment instead of the monthly billing if you choose.

I use Docs. I installed a inspection report from nachi, and can voice my findings, then insert my pictures. Works great and when I get a call when on the road I can pull up the report.

Yep, it’s the gear (settings) icon at the far right in the toolbar, then look at the bottom choice.

Doesn’t really matter though. What works or doesn’t work for someone else may not- or may- work well for you, depending on how your brain is wired. That’s why you have different inspectors recommending different software.

Look at sample reports and test-drive the software.

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Nathan, I’ve used **Spectacular on approximately 2,000 Home inspections over the last 5 years.**I’ve used Home Guage, 3D, Home Inspector Pro, and I’ve found the most expensive software is NOT the best. My son & I use Spectacularon our Apple IPads under a team setting. What I enter in my IPad automatically syncs to his IPad. We typically do 2 to 3 inspections per day. We’ve been very pleased with this low cost Software program. We get Great reviews from our clients & realtors. Good Luck in your inspection career. BLUE SKY HOME INSPECTIONS, LLC

None better than HIP Home Inspector Pro.

It also depends on the user.
I’ve seen Sir Roy’s reports & they blew me away.