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I think this is the winner.
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lamp, made into an extension cord, energizing garage door opener. :mrgreen:
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First pic, So why is the black plastic pipe coming out of the house and dumping into the storm drain?

Second pic, oooohhh
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At least they tie wrapped the wires.

A picture of the panel was added for your viewing pleasure.
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I will see your electric shck hazard and raise you a CO poisoning. :grin:
gas water heater venting into the bathroom floor. A hvac vent for this same bathroom was also disconnected so it had easy access. Attached Thumbnailshttp://www.nachi.org/forum/attachments/f11/68870d1380935523t-now-accepting-nominations-best-defect-picture-october-p1360623.jpg

Honey, I like the open ceiling looks so lets cut those wood members.

But the roof is now sagging, so let add some reinforcement…
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An old indoor cistern was converted into a storage room when potable water was introduced to this area and a door was cut out of the cistern wall. This is fairly common in my area. What isn’t normal was a piece of a farm implement cutting tool inside the concrete used as rebar. It was never removed and is now posing a safety concern for anyone in this area.
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Gas fireplace direct vent from a new home construction. Vent was less than 2’ from sliding glass entry door and in direct contact with wood guardrail.


Take your pick.
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Good string thanks to all who sent them in and thanks to Marcel for posting them .
Now is a good time to vote.

Don’t forget to vote. :slight_smile:

94 views and 3 votes? How can that be guys?

Too many “good” defect photos this month. Can I vote more than once ? :slight_smile:

Yeah, those are incredible. I spit my soda out at #1 & #6, those folks in #6 are lucky they aren’t holding their roof in their lap. And are the fans in #1 supposed to be circulating heat into the house or just killing off the mother-in-law? :slight_smile:

I would consider for #9, but I’m not sure what all is being depicted besides the flue entering the attic(I think).

#1 just seems to “Blow” me away…:wink:


WOW!!! 177 looked and only 10 took the time to vote .
Sort of sad to see so few take the time to vote .

looks like #8 is repeated at the next deck. great bunch of shocking Pics. voted.

Picture number 9 is the result of roofers who do not pay attention. When the house was re-roofed, they forgot to install the cap, of course, they wouldn’t know to do that as they replaced the decking. The coat hanger securing the conduit to the flue was just a nice touch. It had been like that for six years…

Its amazing what kind of crap is out there on the market.


Congratulations to Marcl for Best Defect Picture Winner for October.

Honey, I like the open ceiling looks so lets cut those wood members.

But the roof is now sagging, so let add some reinforcement…
http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachments/f11/68876d1380940113t-now-accepting-nominations-best-defect-picture-october-pic-031.jpg http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachments/f11/68877d1380940129t-now-accepting-nominations-best-defect-picture-october-pic-033.jpg http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachments/f11/68878d1380940369t-now-accepting-nominations-best-defect-picture-october-pic-023.jpg

Marcel Gratton, NACHI04011210, CMI
On The Level Inspection
Gatineau, Québec

I choose pic 3. black plastic pipe coming out of the house and dumping into the storm drain, this is really terrible.