Poll...We need a drone forum

I emailed fastreply and asked for a drone forum, but was told to use hash mark # …I don’t see how that would be useful.
I believe we need one as to not bother all others that are not interested.
You vote YES or NO for a drone forum

  • Yes
  • No

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Looking good so far.

I don’t have a drone, yet! But I’d love to see what’s being done with them in the field. Pros and cons.

Did you vote yes?

Of Course!

Thank you .

best I could figure . . . :cowboy_hat_face:

Drones for home inspectors

This is a forum for members to discuss any subject related to drones for Home Inspectors!


It’s still not a forum…It’s a thread .
Thanks anyway.

Hey Robert,
I’ve been using a drone for over 2 years and the benefits have been amazing. There are many roofs that are not walkable and chimney crowns and chase covers that you can’t see from the ground. Not to mention the wow factor. I have at least 2 to 3 agents a week that haven’t seen a drone in action and most of my clients haven’t so it’s memorable. How many inspections can you say are memorable unless you miss something :-). Anyway checkout my page. I should have some drone shots of deficiencies there somewhere.


I agree with you Roy. Thanks for asking the question!

Nice! …

Thanks, Daniel.

Looking good!

Poll is looking good.

79% say yes!

82% Nice…

This is a good idea. I’m all for it!

Yep! I do as well .
That way we can learn how others perform inspections with drones.

What happened with this idea?

9 months and 18 posts, 9 of which are Roy’s counting off results. Doesn’t seem to be too popular. No surprise.

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