Poll when on vacation

Going on Vacation to Florida:

Option 1. Leave everything behind and turn on vacation setting on e-mail and phone

Option 2. Bring the lap top so if I get time take appointments and catch up on work.

What is this thing called a vacation??

I think I went on something like that 5 years ago.

It depends on the “type” of vacation I’m planning, but generally I will bring the laptop and continue scheduling while I’m away. I will set aside 30 or 40 minutes per evening to return emails and phone calls.

If I know I’ll be in a remote area with no wireless services, it’s full vacation mode. My phone message will indicate when I will be able to return calls and emails.

I only take time off for vacation in the “off” season. Take laptop and phone with me.

I haven’t failed to answer an email promptly in over a decade.

I can do most office functions (manage/send uploaded reports, schedule, contracts, etc) from my phone so I usually respond as though I’m in the “office”.

I have brought my laptop along when I have taken vacation. Organising after the fact takes too long.

Nope, when I am on vacation, I am on vacation, no phone, no computers, no t.v., no radio, minimal conversations with others’ except family members with me. Certain members of my family and a couple of neighbors know where I am at and if they need me they can call the local authorities or whomever I tell them to call to track me down. Try it sometime, you stress for a few days wanting to know what going on in the world, but after several days that feeling goes away… it really clears the mind :wink:

When I am on vacation, I bring the laptop but change the phone message to let everyone know I am on vacation. If they leave a message, I’ll call them back. I also have all of my files with me so if I have to access them, I can.

Can you share your “secret weapon”???

Well… if you insist… HG Mobile :mrgreen: