Has anyone noticed that with the new board when you select “new posts” that polls show when they don’t have new posts. It looks like they show up everytime someone votes, and not just when it is responded to. I noticed after looking at the last post and they were always the same.

No big deal, just wondering if anyone else noticed.


Yep, I found that out with the QOD. Gerry has a Mfg. Housing poll that is still open. Same last post for the past month or so, but every now and then it pops up as unread. I think the key is to put an ending date on the polls.

Yeah, I noticed–doesn’t bother me, though.

Although it do make wonder, sometimes.

I just don’t know what to “wonder” about.

noticed also…and stopped clicking on them, my pea brain remembes how many replies there are to the post and who posted last…if that is the same, I don’t click unless of course I am interested in the poll results…

sigh I need to get a life.