poly b piping

Ifound some poly b supply piping that had some black crimp rings.

Are these rings copper?

How do I tell what the bad crimp rings look like?

The problem with polybutylene is the material itself. It reacts with chlorine and chloramines in the water and decomposes. There may also be problems with different style fittings, but the pipe should be called out as well.

Probably copper, although it doesn’t make any difference what the rings are made of.


There was a class action law suit a few years ago against the manufacture and it was settled. I only became aware of the settlement after it had been expired and so, didn’t get to benefit from it. I had Poly b piping in my house. the house was built in 1989. A couple of years ago, I started to have leaks. I had to re-pipe the house with copper.
It’s only a matter of time before those pipes start causiing problems.

Search on this site for a video on PB water lines. You will need to sign-on to watch it.

There are varying opinions as to why this type of water line fails. Chlorine, lines stored in the sun and UV rays, etc. Fact, these lines shrink at the fittings over time, then the fittings lose their calibration, and then the lines start to have pin-size leaks at the connections, and can cause complete disconnection and failure. And, they will fail when the home owner is not home. I have seen it here around KC fail several times. Watch for corrrosion at the fittings.

Beware of realtors who say, it’s been in this house 25 years and no problems.
They think it gets better with time???