Polybutelene waterlines

Who can tell me what to report if a home has Polybutelene water lines?
Is it best to identify it as PB but say nothing more.
I know there is a large class action lawsuit about PB.
Also my whole house has it. I built in 87 and was told it was the best! Will it affect my ability to sell my house?:frowning:

Inform them that it is PB, and recommend they get estimates from plumbing contractors for a repipe.

Two types of PB - that which is leaking, and that which will leak. . .

Roy you may want to check this site out for info…



Tell your client to make sure all bids specify whether or not the job is “turnkey”. Any good re-pipe will include sheetrock repairs and matching paint.

A recent client got a firm quote for $6100, for turnkey job including service line to street on a 3000sf 2-story with crawlspace. Not sure what the service pipe will be but the interior was quoted using CPVC.