polybutylene plumbing website

Does anyone know of a good up to date website to refer clients to one we encounter polybutylene plumbing the kinsella website at www.pbpipe.com is rather an outdated and mainly deals with the class-action suit which is no longer a consideration? I would love to find a website that speaks frankly about polybutylene plumbing concerns without the class-action suit information. Anyone knows of one I would greatly appreciate knowing about has I currently include the pbpipe.com. website in my report verbage. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you, Karl.



Thank you David for the sites.

Be aware that polybutylene pipe is still a Code Approved pipe material and apparantly a changed material from previous types.

And simply seeing PB pipe may be meaningless unless you can ascertain that it is a PB pipe type that was installed prior to class action suits or changes made to the product.

I believe that would be pipe marked “PB 2110”.