Polycarb Storm Panels

I have a client who has .100 Clear Polycarb storm panels on all glazed openings. The markings show Miami-Dade County Control Approved FBC FL-1151 and FL-3287.

How would these be indicated on the Uniform Mitigation form?




Depends on what they cover. I know they are large missle 9lb rated. I reccommend people get at least one window with these panels. It gets awfully depressing inside with no electricity and no way to see out.

I do not reccommend they watch the storm through the window with these panels.

search online. maybe info could be found here. good luck. http://www.floridabuilding.org/c/default.aspx

A or E depending upon the non glazed openings outside the HVHZ. Inside the HVHZ, I’d double check as Meeker suggested.

For A. FBC approved must be marked “For Use in the HVHZ”

Only if the property is in the HVHZ.

Yes, that is true. I just find it highly unlikely that a manufacturer would make a product that meets HVHZ as listed below in 9 (A) and not mark it for FBC approval.

As long as ALL glazed opeings are protected, would meet ‘E’ on the form as long as they met the testing specs. You will have to pull the Dade or Florida Product approvals from the websites.