Pond Inspection ?

OK , was asked to inspect a farm that has ponds (3) does any one know what is involved in inspecting ponds or who in the Brantford area would do it if needed??:slight_smile: thanx

Do they want you to determine the max. bass size; provide advice on best baits? Other than that, I’d refuse personally, as it is outside my area of expertize.

I have 3 ponds on my property and recently re-built 2 of them. Got my info on design from the state Fish and Game dept., but I don’t have any advice for Canada.

John O, might Know…(:slight_smile: )

A good pair of ice skates.

Sorry unfortunatly you are wrong.
Florida does not get much information about Canada
Today in my back yard there are Robins ,Red wing Black birds, Starling,and many many Doves as well as a multitude of other varieties .
The temp in your method is 61 degrees.
My bulbs are all up .
Spring has arrived and it is.GREAT!!!
Roy Cooke sr

Roy, Florida does not get much information.:mrgreen:

Contact the Local Conservation Authority.

There are different ponds, surface water, spring fed, stream fed, artesian fed. If they are existing they are likely okay but now a days you have to get a permit in most areas from the Conservation and Town, They frown on changing water courses big time and do not allow if at all possible stream in and out ponds, because of sediment issues and water temperatures.

You want to look for errosion on the banks, muskrat holes which will drain water. You may also encounter Beaver. My neighbour has a couple on his pond that feeds of to the creek.

You shouldn’t really get into the aquatics of a pond because you can not readily determine that if it is ice covered anyway.

I would readily recommend either a windmill powered aerator or solar powered compressor and airstone for improved water quality. I have one installed on my pond and it is great.

And they make great swimming holes if you maintain them!

If your clients have kids, I would not hesitate to extol the virtues of stating the need for adult supervision with ponds as they do not have to be fenced.

But you could also decline to comment on those issues.


I would check with MOE they have soom kind of control over where ponds can be placed.Once new a guy who worked for the MOE and one of his jobs was approving pond location when someone wanted to build a pond.