Pool and spa testing

I was wondering what you guys generally used to check pool chemistry. I found this on Amazon:
AquaChek 551236 7-Way 100 Count Pool Water Test Strips by AquaChek and, with the exception of bacteria, seems to test everything needed. Have any of you used this product before?

Do you test bacteria levels? If so, what do you use? Thanks for your insights and advice.

Would be a bit hard to do for me here in VT in say, February. Since pool chemistry can change by the day or less, not sure why you would do that.

I’ve been performing pool & spa inspections as part of a standard home inspection since I started in 2002. I have never tested water “chemistry” and I don’t intend to start.

I agree it’s pointless to test the water chemistry.

The water chemistry can change daily, or even with-in a day. In general, pool water should be serviced and adjusted one a week.

Hot sun burns of chlorine, wind knocks leaves into the pool, water naturally evaporates.

If the buyer is in a 30 day escrow, and you are doing the inspection with in a 10 day contingency period, the buyers won’t take possession of the pool for at least 20 days. The pool will have (hopefully) been cleaned and serviced 2-3 times by them. If not, even the best water is bound to start looking a little green by then.

Unless the property is a short sale or in probate, chances are the seller has hired a pool service to keep the pool looking good for the sale.

Thanks for the input guys. I was taking the InterNACHI course and it mentions pool chemistry so I wasn’t sure if this was something normally checked or how.

agree with everyone else I have never tested chemical levels and would not start, I do however use the statement water does not appear to be clean and sanitized properly if it does not look correct I:E Algae growth etc. I’m in AZ and inspect dozens of pools per month