Pool cover dangers

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I’d like to share this with all who may not have already seen it. Very sad, makes you stop and think.

This was found in Annie?s Mailbox of the newspaper 5-17-05

Dear Annie: I want to get word to the public about a deadly product that will be in thousands of back yards this summer

My niece and her best friend drowned last August in my niece?s swimming pool. These girls were nine years old, and they both were decent swimmers. They drowned together in chest-deep water, with three adults within earshot, and with a teenaged friend only a few feet away.

How could this happen? They became trapped in the pool cover of their above ground pool. To a child, the covered looks like a trampoline. When the girls jumped onto the cover, it collapsed and folded around their little bodies. The girls could not gain their footing, and hundreds of pounds of water pressure kept them tightly bound. They struggled helplessly and silently. When they were found twenty minutes later, a strong, adult man had difficulty pulling them out.

We don?t want any other family to sufferer as ours has. Please tell parents to discard these covers. The risk is not worth the benefit. Let them pick leaves out of their pools, not off their children?s graves.