Pool, french drain installation "The men's safety is my main concern", really?

Macomb, $16,000 for this huh, lol

3:15 HE says, ‘The men’s safety is his main concern’

8:00 - 9:30 Blllz of steel eh? lol No way i’d have any of my guys on their stomach in trench so i can pocket thousands $$$, moron (SAY one thing, DO something different)

10:25 says, ‘intense labor’, lol yeah sure, TRY hand digging 35 feet long by 6 to 7 1/2 deep in about 2 1/2 - 3 hours, you wanna see intense labor pffttt

$16,000 huh? If this job is worth $16,000 then most of my jobs are worth double that, no sht

Someone here gave me bunch of crap about some of our holes, gee wonder if they’ll chirp-in on this

Mark, why is there water under the pool? is the pool plumbing/liner leaking? or is it rain water? if it’s rain water, why is it not draining, why is it building up under the pool area, why was it not in the pit they dug? what’s happening :thinking:

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lolol yeah i didn’t HEAR much if anything about the supposed-need to spend $16,000 , some peeps get tripped out on wanting/trying to divert surface water.

whatCHA think of the laborer on his stomach in trench, since it isn’t my video/job apparently THIS is okay lol, but my trenches aren’t and yet my guys n i are never laying down in trench, hmmm, okie dokie

Mark, focus! Yes, it’s pretty risky to go inside a trench like that should it collapse… but the question is, why is there water under the pool?

and i ask, WAS there? Do you see water flowing-gushing out when laborer is in trench? You see his clothes wet? lol The water, wet soil could be from other sht, who knows. When we dig 6 or 8 deep, the soil can be just like that and if it just rained day before then that’s what we pretty often run into. I do not know what homeowners actual problem is, why didn’t French Fry Guy exxxxxplain?

:52 second mark he says, “We’re hauling all this away”.

LIke, that is alot of soil that was dug pffftttt

In the video… the contractor says the liner is inflated at the bottom… due to ground water.

fine, good, was job worth $16,000?

and my bigger point was, the laborer face down in trench, real smart, especially after telling us how much he cares about his guys. See someone HERE ragged about me, our trenches and yet i haven’t heard a peep about this

was digging that little az trench really all THAT much? Come on peeps

is the sump and trench etc going to keep alot of or all of the rain water from getting under pool? lol

did Frenchie give guarantee that water won’t get under pool in future, just asking

for 16,000 i mean, Mexican drug tunnels are often reinforced, why not here for… ummm, more safety