pool heater

hi just wondering if some one can show or explain how to wire the pool pump to heater correctly i live in canada any help would be very appreciated thank you!

Sorry if you have to ask then you should not be doing it .
My thoughts Roy sr

What does that mean? Wire the pool pump to the heater? Doesn’t make much sense does it?

Gas Fired Pool Heaters are wired and interlocked thru the Pool Pump circuit. If the Pump shuts down, so does the Heater.

I agree with Roy.

If you have to ask, maybe you should not be doing this due to Safety concerns.

I was thinking, at least on the pool/heaters that I’ve had, that the heater had a built-in pressure switch that would not allow it to operate unless the water was circulating. Somewhat like a Klixon for a furnace. I just don’t remember a separate interlock wiring for that function. I suppose there is though.


You are correct. A stand alone Heater uses the pressure switch.

The Control system on many of the pools (as well as my own) is what provides the interlocked control schemes.

The Jandy System is what I have.


The first answer was the right one, call a pro. There are several safety systems in a pool heater and you need them all wired in properly. You need to insure there is water pressure (the flow switch), that the heater stops before the pump (the fireman switch) and that this is all interlocked by the pump contactor so the heater could never run without power to the pump.