pool inspection

Can anyone tell me what this is? This pool had a water feature pump and a filter pump. This device has no filter or basket on the inside.

I have never seen one like that, but it looks like an in-line chlorinator, perhaps.

Looks like a back-flow valve, or shock tablet insert cap.



A Nature 2 system is what is pictured. I have one on my own pool…

i’m with you
vessel body looks very similar to an inline dispenser but i’ve never seen that particular cover

i’d like to know who made it looks great for defeating my future arthritis inadequacy

looks like an auto chlorine/bromine dispenser.

Hagarty got it right, its a nature 2 vessel. They hold a crtridge that contains silver and copper beads. Algea and bacteria die on contact with the beads which reduces the clhorine demand of the pool. They work but my experiance with them has been mixed.