Pool Inspections

Fcck Ya

I could probably write this one up from the Roof… hahahahahah

Obviously the Basketball Hoop is not at regulation height. :wink:

What is it you are wanting to write up?
Quit drinkin’ while posting…

Gaps in Pool Barrier, non functioning pool light, No anti vortex drain, no bonding of the pool equipment, plaster needs acid wash, no pool vacuum, etc … :cool:

No pool vacuum is a defect to you?

Yes, there needs to be a way to clean the pool. Same as if all the Pop Up cleaners do not work. People buy a home with a pool and are not happy if there is no vacuum.

In the Picture you can see the pool vacuum sitting on the deck.

do You have a video ?

Of course I do James. :wink:

atta boy !

I am still laughing.

Time for some new plaster

I’d say the majority around me use a pool service, and let the pool man bring his own vacuum.

Yea like 99%… probably 90% are in a screen enclosure as well.

I believe screen enclosures is mostly a Florida thing.

I’ve never seen one here in Southern California.

But something about the San Fernando Valley I don’t quite get. Most people don’t mow their own lawns and most people don’t clean their own pools. I get funny looks all the time from people for owning my own lawn mower.

99% of the homes we inspect have no lawn care equipment, I did have one a couple months ago in a gated community that had his own lawn mower and his grass was shorter than everyone else’s, he actually cut the grass during the inspection. :lol: I have a good friend in Ohio that keeps his lawn almost like a putting green… about like the first cut off of a green. He mows 2 or more times a week if the grass is growing.:smiley:

Barrier Fail. :frowning: