Pool litigation

Shotgun lawsuit

A nifty new safety device that detects electrical current in a pool is now available. I don’t inspect pools due to increased litigation but I still use a kick *** 1/4 page disclaimer and included this new device.



All pool lights are supposed to be GFCI protected. Pool GFCI Circuits should be periodically tested.

Is there an accepted way to test for current in the water?

Only if the exterior ambient temperatures are 100 Degrees Fahrenheit or more. If so it’s called “The Skivies Test”. You strip down and jump in hoping you don’t die but if you do who cares as it was to damn hot anyhow! :mrgreen:

Emmanuel …

I started doing inspections in Colorado.

What you described sounds rough on an inspector. We had a similar type test when sellers left the pit bull at home and although the note says “Fluffy don’t bite”, fluffy acted like she was gonna tear the door down to get to us. We called the test … “The Agent Test”, cause the simple part was … open the door, push the agent in and if “FLUFFY” didn’t bite them, we went in. IF “FLUFFY” went nutsy all over the agent, we left.

Seems like that “Skivie Test” could be done the same way.

So you just accidentally bump the agent in when you walk by.

There you go Chuck …


RE Agents? That’s what they make Apprentice Inspectors for! You get a few, carry a nice life/income loss policy on them, and feed them to Fluffy first! :twisted:

Great information Jim. Thanks for sharing.