Pool Safety

Well they do have a fence.

But the chemical storage leaves a little to be desired.:frowning:

At least there is a fence, the ya who’s here very rarely have one. NM is 20 years behind the times.

Jugs look like Bubba’s turkey/fish fryer grease or what I’ve seen a time or two aka “lazy man’s toilet”…wife finally trained him to quit killin’ her flowers…:wink:

That, gentleman, is the voice of experience…I can tell.:-;;:-k:raised:


you spot it, you got it :twisted: i wish you’d turn your rep on so i could red all over this

Caught me, I’ve damaged a few flowers in my time…please enjoy yourself…:smiley:

As Joe Tedesco will confirm, my rep doesn’t need to be on for someone to give me reds or greens but I am neither dirty nor Jewish.:twisted:


Although the gallon jug is pool acid next to the chlorine, inside the perimeter of the pool fence, of which the gate is being held open by the extension cord. :twisted:

Where do you start?