Pool & Spa Inspection course photo and essay

This is the pool I inspected today for the Pool and Spa course.
The pool is in a secured enclosed area with self-latching locks on gates and alarms on the doors leading into the pool area. It was raining during the inspection and there was a small amount of debris on the pool surface. The pool surface, coping and surround appeared to be in serviceable condition and well maintained. The skimmer and strainer basket were clean. All mechanical equipment was secured, operating serviceably and properly bonded and grounded. Leaks could not be detected during the inspection due to rain falling. It is recommended that the pool equipment is checked for leaks once the equipment and surrounding area has dried. The pool and mechanical equipment appeared to be in serviceable condition.

There are a few more suggested things that require documenting as well.
Breaker panel with dead front removed
Chlorine or salt for the purification
Heater type (gas/electric) and amperage
Cleaning system
Drain cover compliance
Auto shut off devices if installed
Pool cover
Continuous ground bond on all service equipment.
BTW leaks are not the responsibility of the inspector to determine. In fact a disclosure should be placed in your proposal indicating this as well. Pool companies are notorious for having the mechanical room and equipment altered without proper permits. You gotta think on your feet when it comes to what you put in writing.

For an extra $250.99 it’s not a bad up charge but you have to document something of value.