pool&spa inspection

I am new in the inspection field and would like to know about getting certified in pools and spas. Can I do it on line?

Check out what your state requirementsare and good training is available here

This is the course that I had taken.

Class was on-site training for State CPO license.

I see that they have On-Line versions available…


And after you feel confident with the mechanical, pumps and heaters and filtration systems, electrical (including the bonding requirements) motors, chlorinators, again heaters and automatic valves and the plumbing-inflow,outflow, filters of all types and gas service supply and gas appliance flue waste product dispersal, you may then turn your attention to pool surface concerns,structure,water chemistry and safety. I recommend you talk to a local pool installer about a mutually beneficial relationship where they do the inspection for a separate fee while you learn. I do pool inspections and you will be able to as well eventually, but it’s best to learn on site with experienced people about this field of endeavor, it can’t all be taught or learned in a classroom or on line. Plenty of big bucks liability too!

[FONT=Verdana][size=4]Excellent points and Great advice, I forget not everyone has owned, installed, or maintained equipment/pools for most of their lives[/size][/FONT]

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thanks for the heads up brian. Its much appreciated.

thank you for the info.