Pool/Spa Inspections

Just wanted to see if some of you would be willing to share your pool/spa inspection agreement? My business partner and I just got certified to perform them, but want to make sure we cover all our basis.

Thanks in advance!


It is encompassed in my comprehensive report .
Key word is “comprehensive”.
It is just an extra cost thingy .

It is normally excluded from my inspections, so it is in the exclusions paragraph in my inspection agreement. Thus, when I do a poo/spa inspection, I simply move “pool/spa and related equipment and utilities” from the exclusion paragraph to the inclusion paragraph. Takes about 10 second with cut and paste.

Thanks guys. What about a Standards of Practice and/or verbiage on what is and isn’t included in a pool &/or spa inspection?

Ben has everything.
Post the PIA lease. I lost mine. lost most of my HDD’s.