Pool Template

Does HomeGauge have a template for inspecting pools and spas?

The Kenton Shepard template has a good pool section.


Are you referring to a template in the narration package that Kenton offers for purchase?

Yes, his narratives have a very good pool section in it.

Thanks, Scot - much appreciated.

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HomeGauge is an excellent template.
I have been doing Pool / Spa Inspections for many years.
Software is adaptive as you can add additional materials, heaters, applications as needed within the Home Inspection Software.
Just when you think you have seen it all, something else comes along…

When you open a template in HG there is a Pool section in there. You can exclude the other sections involving the home if you are only going to inspect the pool. As Joe said you can easily modify the pool section according to your preferences.

Perfect…thank you, gentlemen.


That is a nice checklist!

There is an error on your price to purchase . It says zero. :wink: