Poor inspection

We recently had a inspectior Parrish with “Your Inspection Pros” out of Salt Lake City come inspect our home.
He first did not check the outside electrical & it turns out to have problems. He also said there was a warranty on the furnace, and that turned out to be false. When we expressed or concerns with him and asked for a refund he refused.
Verry dissapointing

Thanks but some thing does not Balance .
You do not give your name .
You post minimum information .
Not fair to the inspector, Not fair to the industry.
I am not saying you did or did not get a good inspection .
Frequently there are three sides to a story your side the other side and then the truth .
All the best … Roy

That gentlemen does not appear to be associated with this organization.

He does not show up on NACHI’s find an inspector search for your area.

You may want to contact another organization listed on his website.


This is Parrish with Your Inspection Pros. Thanks for the support and understanding from everyone. The " outside electrical" that the home buyer is referring to was a disconnected light fixture. He installed the light fixture and it is tripping off the breaker and other lights. Of course I was supposed to find this issue during my inspection which is impossible. I also gave him a link to find the existing warranty for his furnace which he apparently did not do. This is actually the first complaint that just baffles me…I decided to not give him a refund because I could not have done anything different; I found several things that were reported that he could use that far exceed the price of the inspection.