poor inspections

Mike may not be perfect, but I have bought three homes and have yet to have an inspector do a good job on behalf of the buyer. Simple things missed like aluminum wiring, inaffective furnace, poor insulation, plus, plus, plus.

I truly enjoy learning some things that will help me weed out those poor inspectors, that seem to dominate the industry.

Good for Mike for informing the public which will force home inspectors to be more legitimate.

Mike?? Who the heck is Mike?

You know MIKE

Don’t you mean Mick?

Of course not it was MIKE

Which mike was it ???

Mike A. GilbertMike A. TomlinsonMike AllenMike AllensMike AnapleMike andrewsmike annaMike ArbustoMike ArlingtonMike athertonMike BeeMike BeedsMike BenitezMike Benner


MIKE Holmes
I thought it was obvious

So…tell me WHAT you know about “Aluminum Wiring” as I would love to hear it. When you say missing things like Aluminum Wiring I really do want to know to what level of concern do you have…are you concerned about AL Branch Circuits, Feeders Conductors, Service Conductors…can you be more specific.

And I believe it is “ineffective” versus “Inaffective”, but then again I am far from being someone who resembles the grammar police…just saying.

You are full of crap! Go back into your hole…OK?