poor landlocked goose!

from inspection today this poor goose was landlocked waiting on the clogged gutters to give way and give it the boost it needed!
the first pic is the poor landlocked goose, the second pic is the clogged gutter she was waiting on!:slight_smile:
or maybe that’s a swan… who knows, they all taste like chicken anyway!

831th 017.jpg

831th 007.jpg

well you can’t see the bird bath, but that is the badet. just needs a little roto-rooting.

I opened a chimney damper earlier this week and was greated by a raccoon. A live one. I didn’t do a thorough chimney inspection–scared me to death. Rocky was 2 feet from my face.

I don’t think I would have reached back up there to close it:shock: …nasty fighters…What happened to the coon?

I did close it cautiously. The owner called a pest control company. I gave the owner my 2 cents worth for how he could be captured and released. I hope he’s eating crawdads right now.