Poor Michael Larson

Good luck Michael…

C’mon Roy, be the bigger person and let this crap die!

Over five years he has constantly followed me and posted derogatory statements constantly.

I am fed up with this and would love it to end now.

How long do you think I should ignore him .

He refuses give any reasons why he continues .

He has caused some great Canadians to no longer post and some have left NACHI.

His attacking post’s are not needed and not wanted.

Roy…here is the way I look at it. If a two year old came up and kicked you in the knee, would you kick the child back?

Let it all die, please. Your retired, enjoy your life, keep helping those who need help and be the better man.

Just an idea…

Roy, I agree, let it die and be the Bigger Man. Not worth it. :slight_smile:

Roy you changed your post.

Maybe someone convinced you telling lies about wasn’t such a good idea.

The answer you seek Roy, is here:

Old 9/1/13, 8:02 AM

Michael Larson
This message is hidden because mlarson is on your ignore list.
Been removed I can see his post now
Your turn now Michael .

Thanks Roy…very mature and big of you. Much appreciated

I’m very tired of the Roy and Larson show.
Please don’t renew it for the upcoming season!

Signed - Concerned Viewer

Now if only you could get him to remove the rest of the crap from his signature, so this could be completely put to rest!

That’s what I am waiting for:roll:

maybe roy will try the hidden font method next

Let me ask you JEFF, How many are going to look?
You can’t miss the big red lettering here Mike has and that is what it boil’s down too.
Leave it alone as many have asked.
If he continues with this he has separated himself voluntarily. This is my post in the private section however I felt it necessary to put here also.

It only takes one!

How many visitors to the site do we have each day?
That is how many it takes to destroy all our reputations.
In other words stop drawing attention to this please.

Canadian Roy Cooke started this thread by disparaging a US Citizen… he can now pay the consequences.

In other words stop drawing attention to it Jeffrey!!!

HUH? I can’t hear you! :twisted:

Thanks for the reminder Jeffery I did not mean to leave it .Gone SAP …Roy

Sorry about that…Gone now … Roy

Roy…thanks buddy, I owe you. Much - much appreciated.