Poorly Flashed Dryvit

This job started out as a fireplace relocation. When they started to remove the dryvit they found rotten sheathing. Job is now $550,000.

P6060005 (Small).JPG

P6060005 (Small).JPG

P6060030 (Small).JPG

P6060029 (Small).JPG

10$ before the Dryvit was installed!



Can you make the first picture bigger?


Carl, the message board has a limit on picture size, you’d be better off asking Linas to email you the original high res pictures.



What Gerry said!

Or a close up of the bottom sides of what they are doing to the windows.

Carl, open up words and drag the picture into it and you will be able to blow it up to 500%.

I also use Infanview to do the same thing.

Marcel :smiley: :slight_smile:

Here’s more

P6060025 (Small).JPG

P6060025 (Small).JPG

P5300011 (Small).JPG

P6060026 (Small).JPG

P5300012 (Small).JPG

In the 2nd picture see how the tarpaper is over the bottom nail fin on the window!

Carl that will give you a very low res pic.

Better to download cooliris and download the version for your browser type.

It will give you a small button next to the thumbnail that when you mouse over will open the file for the bigger picture in the resolution it was posted to the board.

Thanks for the link Mike, but some of us antiques, don’t have SP or Vista. ha. ha.

It works for me.

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I think you mean XP Marcel. What do you have?

I have used those browser add-ons for a very long time. I tried your drag and drop but the picture was very poor quality when expanded. You’re better off clicking and opening the attached pic in a new tab or browser window.

Mike, I am still using 2000 Professional since 1999. Same computer that came with 2000 milliniem and that failed after 6 months.
My Company Guru install this one and never have I shut it off. Knock on wood, this thing is been running for almost ten years.

I cost $2400 in 1999, given to me by my boss as a bonus.

I have had to rely on downloads like Infranview given to me by a Member of this Association that enabled me to downsize pictures on this board, haven’t stoped since. ha. ha.

Can’t download yours because it is for XP or Vista only, so my system won’t take the high tech. :wink:

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Marcel, it’s a browser addon.
Should work uless you are using some old or strange browser.


They should have never mounted the deck over the EIFS! The rim plate should have been in place and flashed prior or better yet made it free standing.

If the tyvek is not under the nailfins at the bottom of the windows this time around what are they going to blame the damage on next time?

Flashings and properly installed moisture barriers under EIFS sure would save alot of money and heartache!

How is that possible?

Getting hosed by the repair guys now!


Did you see this thread and video?


As you watch the video keep a close eye on the sills of the windows.

Linus if you were there were you using your IR? and what did you find.

Another way to get res is to load the pic on your website and then hit copy.

Just paste it to the forum.