Pop-up in Roof Forum

Am I the only one seeing a pop-up add for a roofing company when they open the Roof forum? Doesn’t really happen anywhere else.
Nope, happenedhere too.

Again ! You have been contaminated with adware.
A good AV program will do the trick,

Try another browser and see if it still happens.
You have IE on your pc.

Download the free version of AVAST it is a very good program.

I’m using a Mac.

It’s really just a yes or no question. Does anyone see a pop-up on the roof forum?

you are the only one :frowning:



It’s unanimous. It’s my computer.

Not while I’m using Chrome.

Good luck.
Let us know what it is.
Get rid of the speed your computer toolbar and let us know if that makes a difference.

Duh !