Popping Sound?

What makes a TV (or radio) “pop” when light switches are turned off/on? I was recently in a house (visiting, not inspecting) and noticed any time a switch was turned on/off you could hear it through the TV.

Couple of possibilites.

Bad signal to noise ratio

If a very week station is tuned in the receiver is more susceptible to local radio interference produced by the spark a switch makes when power is applied or interrupted.

Poor antennae to the radio

See above

It will be more noticeable on AM stations.

Actually it was on Satellite TV. Clear reception, etc. I was just curious if there could be something faulty with the home’s electric system (grounds, etc).

It could be a grounding problem on the dish equipment.

I would call the satellite provider for advice.

Are you sure it’s not your elbow? Mine’s starting to do that and it’s driving me nuts!:wink: