Porch, deck flashing with Tyvek

Every see house wrap used? What do you say about it? Is there anything that specifies the type of material that should be used as flashing?

Check this out…I use the Link in reports if necessary…](http://www.decks.com/article28.aspx)

You want something non-permeable, Joe, like aluminum, copper, lead, galvanized, PVC, etc.

Found this at DuPont’s website

"12. Can DuPont™ Tyvek® be used as flashing?

DuPont™ Tyvek® weather resistive barriers have not been tested or approved as a flashing material. DuPont introduced the DuPont™ Flashing System that provides comprehensive protection from water leaks. It is designed to help direct water to the building exterior instead of trapping it inside the wall system and causing water damage."

It looks like they offer a few products for various uses:


When the manufacturers of Tyvek provide housewrap that is “approved corrosion-resistant flashing”, it can be used.

Builders / framers erroneously use it all the time…especially around synthetic stucco and similar applications.