Portable Printers / Ipad Pro Compatable

What do you guys recommend for use in the field???

I recommend not printing in the field or at all.
I send reports as a pdf.

^ this.

I rarely use the printer I have at home.

Ok for those of you that do deliver after an inspection


You can get an inverter and use any printer you like.

I recommend a brother or HP wireless Laser Printer. They might be more expensive up front but in the long run, they will save you loads of cash. The ink cartridges are not drying out. They really last a long time. And no horse shit crazy print jobs or errors or ink is running low so it can’t be used. Ink can also be more costly but per paper it’s much cheaper and lasts longer. And it doesn’t dry out so you really can have one for a long time. The last thing you need is to print it out so you need to change the cartridge and then print a “check” sheet that would only waste more paper and ink.

Response 4 years later LOL. Look around there may be somebody asking about upgrading to Windows 3.1.