posing as certified professionals

often see postings asking basic fundamental](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpgAVE4UwFw) questions here and most often in the members only and emergency forum
hidden from public view

no shame in ignorance unless we knowingly ignore our weak points & don’t obtain the required or further education

Mike Holt offers free newsletters & training videos

what we don’t know may harm us & others

Just signed up. Thanks for the link Barry.

Thanks Barry, I just think it so Great when fellow members share resources that can be helpful to all of us. I just signed up as well. You can never stop learning, ever .
A wise man once told me "Anyone who thinks they know it all will never learn "
Thanks again.

Thanks … Much appreciated … Roy

Thanks! I am watching some of his videos on YouTube right now. Great resource! Just signed up for newsletter ad well. It’s nice to see members helping other members!

Mike does offer excellent free resources. Also I would recommend that you check out the code forum while you’re over there. :cool:

Thanks Barry, nice resource.

I’ve been getting his newsletters for years (well maybe a couple of decades) and the site has a lot of great information.

I recently order his NEC DVD library and series about Grounding and Bonding. Working my way through them.

Thanks Barry. Yes Mike Holt does offer great resources.
I think being an active Internachi member alone shows a dedication to improve one’s skills and knowledge.

Sometimes Mr.Holt exposes weak points in himself but thats for a different topic all together.

I believe that’s true for any of us who regularly try to help/inform others, as none of us are perfect. I’m sure you’ll agree :wink:

Thanks Barry much appreciated

Paul you also have/had training vids & materials outside of the nachi stuff
why don’t you post the links ;~))

Agree 100%…I know I’m not!

@Barry- Well…to be honest I can’t while employed by NEMA. Had to shut everything down…but you never know, it could live again at some point.:slight_smile:

ya see Jack Weinberg spoke the truth!
“Don’t trust anyone over 30”

we look forward to the resurrection

Well did you read…I am leaving NEMA on may 9th to pursue another venture. I have simply loved working with these fine folks for nearly 2 years and will continue to work with them in my next capacity. NEMA is a class act association and It was an honor to work with them.

Until May 9th…I am 100% NEMA…On the road nearly 24/7 stopping in airports only to eat, drink, fly and post a quick TWEET.

Thanks signed up as well