possible abestos tiles in my basement

Hi, everyone my wife and I just purchased this house about 3 weeks ago which was built in 1958. We noticed in our basement that there is 8x8 or 9x9 inch tiles under the carpet. My father said that it is common in older homes and this isn’t an issue since its undisturbed. The previous owner had his office in the basement and when he had his desk installed he went right over the carpet, but made cuts for the perimeter of his desk. Today I was cleaning out his wires which ran under the carpet and noticed some of the tiles were scraped up. I also noticed there was a bit of dust build up around that area which is black just like the coating.



In the first image you can kinda see there is a small pile of black dust next to the cord. My main concern is this could be occurring beneath all 440 square feet of my finished basement. I am kinda scared to remove the carpet on my own since it could be littered with the black dirt. I was thinking about calling my home inspector to see if he can test the tiles and mastic coating to see if it will test positive. Any help is much appreciated, of course I want to save money, but I don’t want to put my family, friends, and pets at risk by taking this on alone. I also can get better pics if you guys think the ones I’ve taken so far are awful. Those were taken with my phone and I can get better ones if needed with my cannon eos.

Commonly, the 9x9 tiles and the adhesive contained asbestos. The last time I had any tested, the lab reported an asbestos content of approx 10%. If the tiles are disturbed, they present a health hazard to the occupants of the home. Removal and disposal will be an expensive process. Contact your local health department for local testing and removal protocol. At this point, a home inspector would not be of much value.

is it common for the adhesive to turn to a dust/powder form over years? Would water damage in the basement accelerate the deterioration of the adhesive?

When you say “coating” are you referring to the black coloring? What color were the original tiles? And is the carpet glued down?