Possible Asbestos?

This looks suspicious of containing asbestos, but it’s more fluffy than granular. Is asbestos material also fluffy?

based on the age of the wiring it appears to be vermiculite



This is something I always felt InterNachi dropped the ball on with all of their educational books and such…

…Like the WDO book… an Identification book of Insulation types with close-up and overview Hi-Res photos, with actual narratives describing the “taste and texture, etc.” in detail!

It is very difficult to determine this from the average low grade internet pics posted here.

(Nothing personal Mike)! :wink:

It could be, depending on it’s application, as it is a fibre, albeit a microscopic one…

I totally agree. But even us as inspectors, cannot really tell from a picture, no matter how great the quality may be.

As it is, all we can really do is say “it MAY contain asbestos”. There’s no way we can tell without expensive testing, and possibly unnecessarily scaring our client, just like my scenario on this one. She will definitely be concerned, and when I say it "may’ contain asbestos, she’s gonna have to spend some $$ just to find out. I defer as little as possible, but I think it’s called for in this situation.

Thanks guys!!

Absolutely, and didn’t mean to infer a good pic will tell if ACM, but would help determine if an ACM is likely, or not. Slim chance a cellulose insulating material would be an ACM, as an example. And as in your pics, I can’t see it clearly enough to even hazard a guess (no pun intended) as to what you have. Up close, it could be half a dozen different possibilities.