Possible dryer vent on water heater

What are your thoughts I couldn’t find any label. I also couldn’t access the top of the pipe. But it appears to me to be dryer vent pipe.

Cory, are you sure it is not this type of vent?:

Metalbest DWC 4" Double Wall Flexible Type B Gas Vent 3-Foot Connector Length



Sorry I missed a pic. See the bottom of the pipe at the connection it sure looked like bent dryer pipe.

I don’t know Larry that sorta looks like a dryer vent in the pic. Cory did you try to squeeze it? a dryer vent is thinner then Metalbest in larry’s pic.

With that picture helping, I agree.

Did you squeeze it a little to see how soft it was, unlike the flex gas b vent?


Look like Larry got it right. Appears to be a stainless flex flue. What am I missing

I did, it felt like dryer vent pipe, but then again I don’t think I have ever squeezed type b pipe

That’s not the right.

The approved vent that Larry posted is always labeled with an arrow.

Call it out!


It is much harder to squeeze, Cory.

Good catch!


dryer vent.


Agreed, that’s semi-rigid aluminum duct.



Looks like a dryer vent to me.

Great catch Cody!, that is dryer vent. If you look at the spiral wrapped pattern, with just crimped seams throughout it’s length where the approved (Metalbest) type has ribs and is, I believe, a solid piece of metal.

Guys, I appreciate all the insight on gas fueled water heaters. Where I’m located, there is no natural gas provided so everything is propane based. Probably 99% of the waters in this area are electric, which easier to inspect, but limits me on infield training with the gas fueled units.

That said, I would have asked the same questions trying to identify the venting and probably will be here if I ever come across one.