Possible PB

Here’s the situation. In this house every “visible” pipe location has copper piping. At the water heater, main line coming in. Now at most of the fixture valves they are your typical metal valve, but in this picture is this a possible connection to Polybutylene? Like I stated before as far as lines of visible piping, they are all copper.

I checked their disclosure and they have a NO checked on poly piping in home. Home built in 1991.

Where do you see the poly in that picture? I can’t see what type of plumbing is exiting that vanity??

You don’t see it. I wanted someone elses eyes to see what I saw at the valve. And someone has already answered that for me in another thread. I’ve seen similiar valves like this connected to PB.

From here the valve looks like polyethelene, could be pb whips to the faucet. Did you peak into the wall behind the washing machine? Was there any piping in the attic?

Did you check the piping for resistance with a volt meter?

No piping in the attic, and no visible pipes at the washing machine. :neutral:

No pipes at the washing machine, are you sure?

Check this out Brian http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=98

Here’s the pic of the connections. With the cabinet screwed to the wall, I didn’t want to take the chance of breaking the trim piece and yanking it from behind the cabinet. I’ve broken a few of them in the past, and have limited myself to removing them. I don’t like breaking things at a clients house. :slight_smile:

My house has copper pipes with PB supply lines from the shut-off to the vanity. That is all you are seeing here. And for this purpose, they are fine. Interesting that the house was built in 1991. My vanity was fitted in 1991 with PB supply lines to the faucet. Must have been very common at the time.