Possible Scams?

Hi folks,
I am in the New Hampshire area.

I was wondering if any other inspectors have had “odd” prospective clients contacting them. I have had a couple in a few months that are very similar. One contacted me for a home “estate” and wanted to contact by email or text only. “Hearing Impaired” was the reason. They also wanted a “favor”. That favor was acting as an intermediary between the bank and the seller. I declined. The next one recently was also “hearing impaired” and wanted to buy a home for her mother. They did give me an address of a home that was recently under agreement. I contacted the selling agent to verify. They obviously would not give out the buyers info, but did say the buyer’s name was not the one I was contacted by.
The new client wanted to pay by credit card immediately, and wanted to know the merchants number. They too wanted a “favor”.
Just curious if any one else has had this experience.


Hi Bob, if you search the forum you will find plenty of topics about this scam.

I play with them a little. I tell them I’m interested. I then tell them I will do the inspection for $50,000. Paid in advance.
For some reason I don’t hear back from them???

I gave the the phone number and address of the local police station and I never heard back wonder why

It seems this year is the year for email scams for inspector. I have more emails this year like that then all the past years combined. This and other signs have me concerned that the Obama economy is even getting worse and it was never good to begin with. The next President has his or her work cut out for them. Go Trump or Ted Cruz or Ben Carson. We need your help.