Possible to get a Level III without ever having done a fee-paid IR inspection?

Yes or no?

Anyone know?

YES. Why would it not be . Levels are education only. If you can pass the exams. Some courses have exercises, but not all students have IR equipment

I would agree I saw some get there lever one when I did mine and they had done zero home Inspections .

Nick; if CMI was exam only, you would sell a lot more

I’ve deleted my original reply. I was in error.

John do you think it would help those who are a CMI to have all who could be a CMI to be a CMI.
I think not having hundreds more is to the advantage of those who are a CMI.
Example in my area Char and I where the only CMIs .
Now Skip who owns the company is the only active CMI in our area.

I met about 25 Level I, II, III guys in a “thermal imaging & building science” class and they ALL told me that they had no inspection experience and would never attempt to do a building inspection. They were at the class because their employer required the CE hours every year.

As Mr Bowman said,

Most of these “Level” classes are taught by non-inspectors. It does not make them bad classes, but they were not designed for the building industry specifically. A limited few classes in recent times have been modified for building applications.

I spent a lot of my time in my first thermography class helping Level III guys understand the basic principles of how buildings were constructed. They were very nice guys and they found it all very interesting.

Roy, I understand your point. Its just some times it appears that CMI is just about the money and does not represent the true meaning of CMI.

I know I will catch crap for this.:mrgreen:

As to the OP I am referring to IR inspections

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Wrong it about getting a well trained experienced home Inspector .
CMIs deserve getting paid a sensible return for the their education and time spent getting to this level.
The public deserve getting a well trained experienced Inspector and those CMIs fill this need.
I have no financial gain by giving my support as I no longer do inspections or have any ownership in any inspection company.

John I think this thread was started because of me so I will give my answer and it is a no based on ITC requirements that you must submitt a field assignment/inspection after completing a level course for their approval.

And to add another thought it is very unlikely one could pass the level ll exam without having worked in the field

Nice try Nick but it don’t fly as you supposedly are IR certified you should have answered your own question unless the wrong person certified you.

Hows about putting together a CMI exam and see who can pass it

NACHI has gone from nothing to the largest home Inspection group.
NACHI has the best Forum for its members and the largest open forum for non members .
It might be able to use some fine tuning but what big advantage do you see by having to now required exams for CMIs .
Those who are CMIs seem happy.
Some of those who are not CMIs seem to feel changes are needed .
I wonder why some seem to feel the need to frequently attack what is working great.

I believe if it isn’t broke then why fix it. the time spent going no where could be used to improve what we have and supply ideas and help to the newbies .

Are you saying ALL Level I, II, III thermographers have completed a fee paid building inspection because that was part of their homework?

Your joking right?

The Level 1 class I went to was comprised 100% of people in field, I think I was the only building inspector per se… the other folks in the class were all in the industrial sectors of different types.

The instructor was previously an electrical inspector in the field, as a matter of fact, I’ll email the thread to him, maybe he has an answer?

Roy this thingy between Nick and myself had to do with my statement that IR is a better marketing tool than a CMI designation in another thread and it has grown into numerous threads. I kicked a sleeping giant and we have been going at it ever since. I went from a meager 50 K income with no IR to a 6 digit income after adding IR living in the middle of a cow pasture. I could not have done that with CMI. I am a master HVAC tech a fair to middle plumber and electrician with 51 years experience and none of that matters as compared to IR

So then you are perfectly okay with Thornberry (allegedly) becoming a CMI, and you welcome his expertise to inspect your home for a client if it were for sale, or for you if you were looking to purchase?

Yeah… I didn’t think so!

What are you talking about ???

Ya need to read what I wrote I said ITC and I said field assignment/inspection I did not say what type of inspection could have been on a horse a flat roof an electrical inspection but it had to be reviewed by ITC instructor. Where did I say it had to be a building inspection I can tell you are like Nick try to put a spin on everything. Us that came up through the levels actually worked in the field between levels of training unlike most of your trainees end up selling their cameras because they were unsucessful