Possible to get Level I cert without taking bogus courses?

Every description of a Level I course seems to involve almost remedial topics and everyone I have talked to that has taken it says that if you can ride a bike and chew gum, you can pass the test. That said they all want $2,000 to sit in a class for 3-5 days to do this?? Am I missing something, is there a way to write a “challenge exam” to prove you know the content without forking over the time and money for this course?

Also, do all Level I certifications require periodic recertification? This too seems like a cash grab to me…if the material is so basic, why would you need to take it over again? I can see maybe for the more advanced levels…help me understand this and justify this expense…

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If it was so easy, why is the internet full of BS Thermography examples?

Your not taking the class to pass a test. And “Again” your not certified, no matter what course you take. The course is certified, not you. ASTM is the only certification you can get and you can’t get there without talking Lvl I no matter how easy you feel the course is.

Can you go 5 years as a Home Inspector without taking any more training?


Nice work Peter.

Mistaken Jeffrey.
I know you like to take pot shots at what you do not agree with.
It is against your COE.

Happy holidays to you and yours.

Cost of training for level I thermography, private training school, $1700 for 24 to 30 hours training = ~$55 per hour

Publicly funded University undergraduate program ~ $6000.00 for 200 classroom hours, (resident rate) = ~$30 per hour

Driving lessons from auto club, member cost ~$1000.00 for 30 hours = ~$33 per hour

Law School at publicly funded US universities $11,000 to $40,000 for 150-200 classroom hours ~$55 - 270 per hour

Auto mechanics at publicly funded US college ~$3000 for 200 classroom hours ~15 per hour

Hairstyling course at private beauty school in Alberta ~$10,000 for 1400 classroom and training hours = ~7.00 per hour

Tuition and training fees are determined by a complex formula consisting of the what people are willing to pay for it curve bisected by the what training providers are willing to charge for it curve.

The good news is that certificates are free :stuck_out_tongue: (excluding printing costs)

What the he l l did I do educating to be a certified home inspector.
Know we all now the big money is doing hair.

Pssst… I hope the competition catches on. Most bleach their reports and avoid doing the root of the issues anyway. This way it might level a little bit of elbow room for us home inspectors to get some work.:slight_smile:

No State or Federal regulations require thermographer certification. If you don’t have a need for it, don’t bother with it.

Funny coming from you Linas. You are pro education and infrared and a very good thermographer. Am I missing something?

Best regards during this festive time for many Linas.

I am under the understanding that Jim and Infraspections education for home inspectors is a price you can not afford to miss.

Wrong again! Where is it stated that a CMI must continue their education? It doesn’t!

Also, nowhere does it state in the COE that I cannot take “pot shots” (your words) at the CMI program.


Just to be blunt, Stuart.

Pay for the training. I am not sure the people you are talking to, but the test is not remedial.

If you think level X training is $2000 then you are already starting off with bad information.

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A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still???

I’m done with this IR “level” scam, time to put it down. InterNACHI is coming out with a Level I, II, III, IV, V and of course the ultimate: CMI LEVEL X. :wink: All courses for all levels will be free forever, just like www.nachi.org/education.htm are.

It’s almost 2014… charging (or more importantly, paying) for inspection courses is a thing of the past.

Let me be the first to say congratulations sounds fantastic but but but unless its qualified material by a qualified instructor its totally meaningless like the certified course you have available now;-)

You mean like the courses we’ve already produced that have been awarded over 1,200 governmental approvals and accreditations www.nachi.org/education.htm including by your state of Oklahoma:

Oklahoma Construction Industries Board: http://www.nachi.org/okapprovesinternachi2008.htm
Oklahoma Department of Real Estate: http://www.nachi.org/oklahoma-real-estate-continuing-education-free-online-course.htm
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture: http://www.nachi.org/oklahoma-dept-of-agriculture-approved-wdo-course.htm

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Nope I was referencing the IR class that is presently on webnair for $500.00 a pop, are you planning on putting that class out of business by offering for free all of these different levels of IR that you have dreamed up. I can not wait to see how that comes out:p

Under thermography standards set by ASTM, an employer is allowed to certify their own employees.

However, that facility still falls under ASTM guidelines.

If you can get around the “employment” part, you can certify if you’re qualified to do so.

Most companies find it much too expensive to keep an in-house project, but this Association could probably afford a real thermographer to teach and certify based upon ASTM standards, (not NACHI Certified).

But then, what does the homeowner really now anyway?

I guess we haven’t been paying attention all this time…

Thermography is not a “level race”, it is a “progression”…

One other thought, insurance.
Are home inspectors who are improperly trained and they get sued because they cannot interpret or control the situation of the test going to become an asset or a liability to your organization?

I have several insurance companies that I consult with concerning lawsuits to determine if the thermographer followed protocol or not. If not, they may settle out of court but will lose their insurance.

The level I test is pretty easy, it’s not rocket science. Get the ASTM book and learn it yourself. Then create a nice cert in photoshop and award it to yourself. It’s just as official as all the rest. Done.

Or, if you want the nice training materials and on-line test you can do something like this for a grand.

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