Possible wood destroying insects?

Just wondering if those small holes visible at sill plate area were caused by an insect and if so, what kind? Thanks!

Looks like a combination of Powder Post Beetle and dry rot.


Annobiid Beetles, NOT Lyctid powder Post Beetles (hardwood only).
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Not sure what WDO’s your have there Marcel, but the small holes look similar to Powder Post Beatles.

From your link, Mark: :man_shrugging:

"Anobiid powderpost beetles infest seasoned softwood and the sapwood of seasoned hardwoods."

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Thank you gentlemen for your prompt responses!

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You will not find Lyctid beetles in soft wood.
Joists, rafters, and sub-floors of houses are not usually infested with Lyctids, because they are usually made of pine or other softwoods

Thanks, Marc.

That Powder Post Beetles, but its not active.

Softwood is annobiid, not lyctid
Activity may be in adjacent areas, not damaged enough to indicate.
There may be no visible evidence of live organisms, but you should never state not active unless you have x-ray vision.