Possibly under called

What do you do if you realize you possibly under called an item? Less than 24 hours after your report is released?

Send them an addendum to the report.


Like Roy said send them the addendum to the report. I’ve done it before with an email explaining what I updated and my clients have appreciated it.

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What if they have already turned on their repair addendum am I now liable as they can’t negotiate the item?

You can only do what you can do.
Due diligence.



And for the record… NEVER, EVER, change a report in any way.
ALL corrections to a report should only be made via an Addendum.


Jeffrey how would you do an addendum? Like another report but only that issue?

Yep! …

Depends on the Report Software being used, and the extent of the Addendum.
If a significant correction, YES, as a “Single Item” report attached to the original report.
If a minor correction… a Statement on your Company Stationary and your Signature would suffice.

Note: This is a good question for your Attorney in your State for the best course of action, the next time you contact him/her for advice.


They don’t have to buy the home is their leverage to get the addendum into the repairs.

We all make mistakes and some of us correct them…Good work doing the addendum!

Morning, Cory. Please explain a little more. What component or system are you talking about and what did you forget to include.
Awaiting your reply.

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You can write and addendum OR just wear a mustache, change the name of your company and ride it out.

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