This was found on todays inspection. This is under a porch. My gut says the post should be set in concrete. Or am I going over board on this?

The block is concrete, but it shouldn’t be on its side. . .

On a concrete pad off of the ground is better than set in concrete. But setting on a hollow block turned sideways is bad.

How else would you do it, fill the holes in the block?

It would first need to be set up right. Replace with a solid block.

Can’t quite get it right now, (very long day), but something else doesn’t seem right. Have anymore pictures of this area? To the sides, or further out?

How about here. And the 4x4 beam?

Yes, those definately…but I’d like to see more to the sides and a broader view of the porch and it’s framing. Is the porch enclosed? Is it’s framing open to the elements? (notice vegetation growing underneath). Blocks may not be appropriate…may need actual footings set below the frost line. Picture reminds me more of a deck than a proch.

I agree, it looks like an addition to a porch, (porch, deck, combo) built by a first time carpenter.**

hmmm that’s a lil funky.

The joists look like PT… is the post? Looks like it to me, not positive. I agree that the block in that fashion could use improvement as a support. Pre cast pier//?

We don’t use 4 x 4 beams here, doesn’t mean that locality doesn’t (or didn’t).
Permit research?

I think the access, if that’s what it is to the left makes for a nice place for the local wildlife to get in…


The whole “porch addition” looks funky and I agree it looks to have been built by Mr. Handy Homeowner with dreams of being a carpenter by "extending the original Floor josits and supporting the juntion with a 4 x 4.

And yes it should sit on some type of footing that goes below the frost line for Ohio.

The guy did use Simpson strong ties(at least 1) so I’ll give him a point for that.