Posted my video review of the new Android camera

Just having fun experimenting with video techniques but my review for the new Samsung camera is in there somewhere.

Should give those unfamiliar with mobile software a little peak at how it is done.

Yeah I know the video sucks…LOL

Pretty slick, did you buy an extra one for a backup?

Pretty cool camera you got there Bob

Thanks for showing off the camera and how Home Inspector Pro works on it!

I was tempted to show more such as the search feature but it is a camera review and you already have a great tutorial.5 minutes was getting a bit long and I dumped some of the takes.

Not at that price.:smiley:

Most certainly one could also carry a extra regular camera just for the zoom shots but this takes it to another level.

Yeah it stands out on the site and defiantly garners attention when using it.

Good video, Bob! This is probably they way I will go. If you can make a video showing off the report software on the camera more that would be helpful. Thanks for your work so far!

Good idea.
I bought a flex gorilla style tripod for the last segment and could easily do that.

Only my second try in over a year at video really.

Nice Bob. Wish I was computer savey with toys like that.


Marcel you were posting here before I even touched a computer and with no training it is simply a matter of the rubics cube and kids connection that if you play around long enough something comes out of it.
I just enjoy the gadgets now that the ice is broken.

Heck as we get older computers become more of an activity we can participate in on equal footing with the young.
Just gotta keep the open mind.

You are doing very well.

Hope it gets your report writing time down to 30 min or less.

Not sure if that will happen or not yet at this point though I keep using it and when things get hectic however start just snapping away sending them to the regular picture gallery then go back to slotting with the software when I can.
The time saved adds up so it is like training.

Careful posting here today. If someone puts their name and city here, you have to give them a camera!:smiley:

Great Video Bob, they should give you one or pay you for that advertising…nicely done.


As you become more familiar and get past that learning curve stage, I’m sure you’ll come up with a system that works best for you and the way you like to report.

Actually I have several not being used.
Heck my 2001 cool pix might be the best images of all but the batteries are tapped out .Only 3 MP but optical is more important.

Funny you are not the first to say that.
Guess I come off like a commercial.

Never write a script and have no idea what I am going to say till I start flapping the lips.

Thats awesome Bob, does it have a flash? How does the attic pics look?

Yes it has flash however you must hit the side / top ,to pop it out.
I often do not use flash much as the auto setting features often work well in low light however my Sony does have a twilight setting that blows it away.