Posted my video review of the new Android camera

Thanks for the info. I’m going to check them out this weekend. Maybe a christmas gift 4 me
Happy Holidays

Make sure they do not steal the extra battery and charger that should come with it should you buy.It is needed if you take lots of shots.

Also you can download the same software to a smart phone and practice with that to see how on site entry feels.

For me it feels unnatural still and am forcing it bit by bit.

Hay Bob
If I remember right, if you were unable to access a roofing structure you would attach your camera to a poll to take your shoots. Do you do the same with this device or ?

No because of the expense and my growing collection would use one of the Sony’s.

The camera is a little heavier,larger but feels solid however no sense risking it.
I wait for at least 6 mo with all my cameras before risking them.

Worst thing that happened was during a winter storm I ended up with a fog inside the lens.

I actually ended up forcing a vacume cleaner nozzle on the lens to clear it later on .