Posted this member's success story with his permission.

One other thing … With 589 jobs that is a bunch of $$$$$$$

IF its 589 home inspections based on the fees on his web site ($299 home; $99 radon; and $59 termite) … That means:

589 home inspections - 176,111 175 radon inspections - 17,325 (30% of home inspections order radon)
441 termite inspections - $ 26,019 (75% of home inspections order termite)
Total - $219,455 Nice $$$$ for the 1st year

OR if the 589 includes home, termite, and radon who knows what it means

these are similar numbers to my last year. 2 inspectors including me. I do radon and termite inspections for 2 other local inspectors as well. My actual inspections number will likely be above 900

That rate would not fly here either.

Each Inspection includes a FREE:

  • 	Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • 	600-page Home Depot 1-2-3 Home Improvement Book
  • 	Electrical Outlet Tester
  • 	Membership to RecallChek (See "FREE With Each Inspection" tab to the left for details)

Showed it to my neighbor just bragging about how well our inspectors can do AND she said with a guy making that kind of $$$$$$$$$ (over $200,000 the 1st year out) they’re gonna have to start paying more attention to the home inspectors over in Kansas (shes an auditor with local IRS).

I would never, ever, ever talk to your neighbor :mrgreen:

You’re probably right, just wanted to brag on that Legacy Home Inspection guy in Lenexa, KS (Robt Ladd) to the neighbor who is always dissing us.

I would treat her like royalty. Keep your enemies closer… :slight_smile:

So Dan are you having a little trouble believing this inspector’s instant success?

589 inspections in the 1st year is absolutely a top tier accomplishment. I thought I had a good 1st year, but nothing compared to this number. I see his pricing is $299 for up to a 3000 sqft home; if all were at minimum for full home inspection, revenue was $176k.

I would be interested in hearing the total strategy he employed to hit this number his 1st year and what strategy / goal is for 2015.

I would attribute his success to his HIP website.

My guess is he walked into a hot market and knew a few people that pushed inspections his way.
In my first year I made $76,000. I was overjoyed by that number. That was 190 inspections.
Hard to believe he did that many but definitely not out of the realm of possibilities.

You would never talk to that neighbour unless you were were attempting to cause your competition to experience scrutiny from the government officials. I really, really hope that wasn’t Dan’s intention as that would be an extremely cruel way to try to one up one’s competition.

While that is a likely scenario, the fact remains that his market was looking for a guy like him and many other personalities may not have had his success. I give the man a lot of credit where its due. Well done

Wow Gary.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is 16,452 square miles and only has about 2,500 sales annually. And we have about 60 inspectors in that area too. Not a good place to be an inspector.

Christopher …

Interesting comment you made OR question. But I think you already know the answer to that. Had the GF call them to shop …

It was confirmed they’re KC’s oldest and largest inspection company.

But somebody on here said he was just finishing his 1st year.

Really confusing for old guy like me that was one of 1st 2 inspectors in KC back over 25 years ago.

Even the guy that did home inspections for $69 to $89 back in 2008 +/- didn’t come close to those numbers. Nothing to worry about though … Lotta guys have trouble counting.

At the Xmas party my niece thru (she’s Treasurer of KC’s BoR), I met 4-5 realtors and during our conversations discovered 3 were using inspectors with 10-15 years in the inspection business with years of homebuilding / construction experience before that. Talking a little bit more revealed those inspectors were students of mine in the past 2-3 years with HEAVY experience in convenience store mngt, route bread sales, etc.

Our business is a joke sometimes … At least in my area.

I can verify they’re a Father/Son team using Home Inspector Pro plus they have 2 employees. So that’s 4 inspectors total. Great job!!! You guys assumed it was just one guy off of Nick’s post but it never said he was just one inspector. In fact Nick’s post said “we.”

This is a good point how REA’s here in KC love the cheap, basic-report-writhing HI’s, even with some top software being used. Cheap HI fees sell here in the eyes of REA’s, even when they do not pay a dime to the HI’s; the client does.

These reports, which I have seen, are all repetitive, and list three defects at the end of the report. Nothing is mentioned on what has been inspected; only “defects”. My reports, and the reporting software I developed, show by room, item and area what is inspected. Any software can be “doctored” to the whims of REA’s.

CMI here means that we will write detailed reports, and have a great chance of the home buyer walking away from a home sale, and rarely get suggested.

If you are cheap and non-alarmist, you get all of the business you can handle. With RE transactions being done this way, with these HI’s, liability and lawsuit possibilities are way high.

Good luck to this person/HI, as a lawsuit will surely follow in the future by an unsuspecting home buyer. All an attorney will have to do is state what is true, and not true, on his/her website, to win a case, no matter what the report says.

This is how you interpret our amazing legal system? I wish it resembled some truth.

All an attorney has to do is find one falsehood, no matter where it is stated, to win any case. It shows that what the other guy says anywhere, in any discovery or report, could all then, be false.

Now you know why hackers, internet providers, cell phone companies, cloud services, all want your data, to show falsehoods in legal cases, to gain revenue from attorneys, and you.

Extreme care should be used when transmitting any data, over any device. Even this message board.