Posted upon request of someone who wants to remain anonymous.

Dear OAHI Member,


Last September the Board of Directors sent a series of 10 emails to all OAHI members on a variety of topics. Buried in this group of emails, the sixth message, issued on September 17, 2008 with the subject line “Board of Directors Message 2008-6”, indicated that there would be a “substantial” increase in member fees. In fact, ‘substantial’ can be considered something of an understatement as the new membership fee amounts to a 53 percent increase over last year’s fees.

The signs of a looming crisis in real estate and indeed the world economy were evident even in September when this increase was first announced. Today, it would be fair to say that the economy as a whole and real estate in particular have gone to hell in a hand basket. Our country is now officially in a recession.

Following this announcement of what amounts to a Draconian increase, placing undue hardship on many home inspectors, the Board heard from numerous association members urging them to reconsider. I personally spoke with many of the board members individually concerning these plans and met with the entire Board at the last BOD meeting on December 5, 2008 to discuss alternative cost reduction options that would eliminate the need for any fee increase at all.Unfortunately much of what was proposed fell on deaf ears.

With significant pressure and a real concern over members not renewing, the Board is currently still deliberating. One proposal presently under consideration is to split member payments into two installments and reduce the increase to what amounts to 18 percent annualized.

It’s time for OAHI members to be heard! The BOD needs to be told in no uncertain terms that ANY RATE INCREASE IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. The Board has been presented with expense reduction options that will have no discernable effect on members other than to provide them with a balanced budget and a ZERO fee increase. Unfortunately there are some on the BOD with a different agenda and who are reluctant to make the required cost reductions.

Now is the time for all association members to exercise your right to decide the direction of your association. We need to hear from all members opposing any increase in membership fees directing us to have a special meeting. Once we have sufficient members requesting such a meeting (25 percent of voting members are required), all members will have the opportunity to vote on the specific cost reduction measures that will eliminate the need for any fee increase. These line items, which includes eliminating the paid COO position ($60,000 annually), will be spelled out in detail in our typical familiar AGM style voting ballots and proxy voting ballots (no need to physically attend the specially meeting) that will be emailed to all members once we have sufficient numbers requesting a special meeting.

**Remember, you really do have control of your association and your voice will be heard if you reply to this email as soon as possible with your name and a comment at the top requesting a special OAHI members meeting. I promise that with your intervention we will have a ZERO 2009 FEE INCREASE and we’ll begin the journey to making your association truly member driven! If you have already submitted your renewal at the higher fee you will be reimbursed. **

Please feel free to add any additional comments to your reply that you would like. Assuming we have enough home inspectors concerned about the future of this business, I will follow-up with more ‘state of the union’ emails outlining positive options for stopping all the politics and infighting and moving forward for the betterment of all.

Holy crap batman! … is every OAHI member posting all the complaints they have with OAHI here?

Maybe if they laid their complaints at the door of OAHI ( OAHI does have it’s own forum) they could effect changes they feel are needed. By posting them elsewhere, (it is as I have have gotten flack about before), some members are just crybabies.

If you have an OAHI problem, post it on the OAHI forum.

In my experience, they have no choice but to post it here since OAHI will not answer the phone or emails. I know that personally, since I used to be an OAHI member before I found Nick and friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the board members of OAHI for their poor organizational and communication skills when it comes to interacting with it’s membership and it will not be long now before the “Old Boy’s Club” will cease to exist. Comparing OAHI to InterNACHI is like comparing a kindergarden class to Harvard University. I can personally email Nick at just about any time of day and within the hour I get a response from him personally. Remember OAHI members, you do have a choice and joining an organization like CanNACHI for less than $300.00 per year that really takes care of its membership 365 days a year is the way to go. Why complain about what is never going to change anyway. Just call Nick and become a member of CanNACHI and you will not have to worry about rediculous membership fees. Just let the board members drown in their own cess pool that they have created by having so many members jump ship and go to other organizations. If they have less membership support than the burden falls on the remaining members to carry the financial load. Think about it, everybody has options. You just have to exercise them and by not resigning at the higher rate, and joining another organization instead, you send a very strong message to every board member.

Good Luck,
Neil Card
Proud CanNACHI member forever…:smiley:

I have to agree with you David. The OHAI has it’s own forum…anything regarding the OAHI should be posted there.
Personally, I dont give any credence whatsoever to any post regarding the OAHI, unless that post is placed here by a verifiable member of the OAHI who is willing to sign his own name to any statement he/she wishes to author. If the poster is a dual member, like Bill M, Claude L, or yourself, I take extra notice.

From what I hear, if the OAHI has a forum any more, it is regularly scrubbed of negative posts that call the ruling cabal into question. So members avail themselves of our message board, and welcome to them!!

OAHI is alive and well (okay okay, so that is a stretch!)
They do have a forum and should post items they have an issue with their.
Airing you dirty laundry elsewhere just makes everyone look unprofessional.

I enjoy being on both forums where I see so many members disagree but still show respect for each other. I know some I can actually disagree with certain people and we can still talk as professionals.
Sad to say some just swing at anyone and anything. and some just cry about everything. Just simply not professional.