Posting names on websites for non-payment

What do you think about creating a page on individual websites for clients who have not paid? I only have two right now. One is an Insurance company that I’ve done work for in the past and I’ve been trying to collect this debt since last August. The second was for an inspection for a rental property that closed and somehow our invoice did not “get on the closing statement” as agreed upon. This was perfomed last October.

What would you call the page? Wall of Shame??

I haven’t done this as of now, but I’m seriously considering it and at least using it as a threat that if payment is not received check out the link. Normally, I do not release the report until payment is received and this isn’t usually a problem except for an occasional bounced check.

Thank you in advance for your opinion.

What would you gain by this?

Would you get the $$ faster?

What would it look like to potential clients?

What would it look like to current clients?

Answer these questions and you’ll have your answer.

Great advise, thank you.

Thats why I accept payment on site only.

That’s works great when the client is On-Site. But in each case forementioned, this was not possible/practical.

  1. This would not be used unless the payment is not received within say 30 days.

  2. I would hope that it would show that we are a professional company that needs to run their business as a business. If bills are paid, there is no reason for concern.

  3. I see lots of small businesses around town that post bounced checks around the register or on a bulletin board. Since I have no more room in my office this would not be that effective. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t do it.

What you would gain? - possible embarrasment to the non-payee. A bit different than the local store who posts the bad checks. Most of the time, those are (were) customers who came in regularly and were posted to remind the clerk that John Smith needed to pay for the bad check.

Would you get the money faster? - probably not, I don’t think they’d be visiting your site to see their name on the wall of shame.

What would it look like to current/potential clients? - Probably like you’re a bit vindictive, IMO. That may be a reason for someone to pass you by.

You may want to contact a local collection service - no need to expose your business finances to everyone on the web. You could also sue criminally, if you were so inclined.

Worst case, write it off as bad debt.

And get paid by credit card (in advance) next time client won’t be there. :wink:

I trusted one of my clients (last year), but I’ll never trust another client ever again, I don’t care who they are.

She asked if she could mail me a check, so I agreed and gave her the report on-site. Weeks went by, I tried to contact her with no response. I filed for a small claims and she failed to show up twice. The court issued a capias warrant for her arrest. I then hired a local constable to go pick her arse up and then the constable found they she moved.

This cost me over a thousand dollars to attempt to collect $400.00. It wasn’t worth it in the first place but I wanted her arrested on PRINCIPAL. I got screwed and learned my lesson from it.

Contact your State’ Attorney. In some places this is called “stealing services”. You can at least get some real answers instead of mine and others “ideas”. While helpful they may or may not work for you. Usually a call from the State’ Attorney will be all it takes to get them up off their wallet and send you a check. Hopefully, you have a paper trail where it shows you have in good faith tried to get paid. It is akin to someone writing a worthless check only in this case they just have refused to pay you for your services. As far as posting on your website, while it may make you feel good I don’t see it accomplishing what you want it to and may open you up to something you don’t need or want.

I wouldn’t post it on your website. I think it would look bad to potential clients. In the future I’d stop accepting payment through escrow as well. Like the others suggested, you can file a small claim suit, you can put a lien on the apartment as well.

You cannot place a Lien on the sellers property, if the buyer,(Your Client) defaults on the agreement made with you for services rendered. You can file for theft of services.

I agree. Also, if client is not going to be present to pay at start of inspection, I require credit card payment in advance.

It’s not the sellers property anymore, it’s the buyers. He said the deal went through.

Payment due at the time of the inspection or before.

No pay… no report.

Never have any problems now.

This is why I take credit cards. I inspect send out a invoice via email with a link to make payment. Client pays they get report. Never had a problem yet.

I have had only 1 person not pay me for my services. This lady called me and asked me to inspect a home she was buying as an investment. She had lost her husband and was told by her family that she should invest in some local properties. She hired a buyers agent and started looking. I did the inspection on a dump of a house. I wrote up everything that was wrong with it. She paid me on the spot and I e-mailed the report that night. When she got it she called to ask me if I would buy the house. I told her I could not discuss that with her. I told her to find a family member or friend to show the report to and the make your choice. The deal fell through because everyone thought like I did about the dump. I deposited her check in the mail 3 days later and found out she put a stop payment on it. I stopped at her home to ask why and she said that since she was not buying the house her agent told her she did not have to pay me. I explained to her that I get paid no matter what.
Well we went to her agents office to talk to him and she asked why he would have told her not to pay me. He said that my report broke the deal so I should not get paid. She paid me any way plus the fee I was charged for by my bank. Not only that, I got 6 more inspections out of her for other propertise. She hired another agent who looked out for her.


I usually get paid at the inspection or before but I never give a report without payment period.

Well, that agent is an idiot!

I would say the agent is criminal!

I thought the same thing and voiced it to my client. She said she would file a complaint about it.